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Hank Pannell
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Out of all of the rhetoric that I've heard explaining The Presidents Leadership abilities, or lack there of, I have not heard the one word that will solve the problem. Since the talking heads or the MOBILE MOUTHS won't say it, I'll say it for them..... I...M...P...E...A...C...H... Whats that more time...IMPEACH...!!! I know that the GOP probably doesn't have the Votes right now, but once it comes to the Final deciding Vote, ONE NEVER KNOWS!!! This person has not only defiled OUR WHITEHOUSE, but also our WORLD STANCE with our ALLIES!!! Look at ISRAEL, THEN IMPEACH !!! Look at GERMANY, THEN IMPEACH !!! Look at FRANCE, THEN IMPEACH !!! Look at ENGLAND,THEN IMPEACH !!! DO I Need to continue? O.K, Just look at the way he has defiled His SWORN OATH TO OFFICE and his own self admission to the DISGUST he holds for our CONSTITUTION!!! that ,in his own words, is FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED !!! This debt ceiling issue is playing right into his hands, IF NOT, he would have done something to Repair the DAMAGES of all of his DRUNKEN SAILOR SPENDING !!! This isn't A GOP problem,and, Except for Nancy Palosi, Harry Reed, and Chuck Shumer, I don't think the DEMOCRATS are to blame either. The head CHEF in the Kitchen Is O"Bama!!! He is brewing up the DESTRUCTION of AMERICA BY DESIGN, not accident!!! ITS TIME TO IMPEACH!!!


Hank Pannell

July 15, 2011 at 5:37 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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