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Hank Pannell
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          14,000,000,000,000.00 and counting! It makes you wonder, when will enough be enough? The higher the debt ceiling, the more the Debt becomes. There is no magic formula to it, That's just the way of things.           I don't recall exactly, But sometime around 1981 when we first achieved  that Dreaded ONE TRILLION DOLLAR number, It was pretty much the same as today, I remember listening to a RADIO D.J. who was pounding the AIRWAVES relentlessly with his DEMANDS repeatedly for  "NO TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT", AHHHHH AMERICA! Can you remember those days? My third Child ( OUT OF SEVEN ) had just Celebrated his FIRST BIRTHDAY, and TERRI GIBBS was Singing her heart out  about the Devil in bluejeans. I appreciate the compliment, but really, I have HAZEL EYES, not blue. Now , we enter the DEBT CEILING debate once again. The only question I have is WHY for GODS sake? IF we are going to ever SALVAGE any part of our country for FUTURE generations, THERE are three cuts that we MUST take to the deficit, and that would be LONG, DEEP, AND CONTINUOUS!               Fast forward THIRTY (30) years!  AS we usher in the new 15,000,000,000,000.00 ( FIFTEEN TRILLION) dollar debt and wonder about politicians and the limits that they Plan to raise the DEBT CEILING to, once again. I'm expecting it to be about 18,000,000,000,000.00 and they , WITH ALL THEIR SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE ,Will say that it is necessary for a multiple of reasons that only make sense to PEDIGREES AT THEIR LEVEL.         The TRUTH is that this is money that they have no intentions of EVER repaying for the simple reason that it will be humanly impossible to do! Their answer, when the time comes, will be the JUSTIFICATION for the NEW WORLD ORDER to rid ourselves of an uncontrollable DEBT CRISIS!                      A Politicians two most favorite words are WASTE AND FRAUD. When the term DEFICIT REDUCTION is mentioned, that is their solution to everything, Waste and Fraud. I ask you AMERICA, Who is responsible for writing The Laws and implementing governing Legislation ? WHAT, IS the WASTE AND FRAUD , then , written in later? NO! Actually you are watching ,FIRSTHAND, The Rape And Plunder of AMERICA!              Now that this latest Continuing Budget Fiasco is over and everyone has shared a good laugh at How close we came to a really,really, real Government shut-down,really, for real I think I saw a light go out In the White House! It was that close! Really! does anyone know how much money we would save if the government shut down for real? You can believe that someone in the White House knows, And They don't want us to find out !     






Hank Pannell

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John Constitution
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Now that the so-called crisis is reaching it'sclimax with August 2 approaching, I have a few opinions I would like to share.

First, I am utterly disgusted with the scare tactics being employed by the MSM and the Obama administration.  Failure to raise the debt ceiling will not cause the default on our debt obligations.  In fact, interest on our debt is less than 15% of total government revenues.  The only possible way we will default on these payments is if Obama instructs the treasury to not pay.

We have a long standing tradition of not negotiating with terrorists or with enemies of the State.  For this reason, I am encouraging John Boehner to stand firm and not negotiate with Obama, as I consider him an enemy of our Constitutional Republic.

Finally, I agree with the Cut/Cap/Balance idea.  It is an idea that is long overdue.  We need a Balanced Budget Amendment to stop the insane spending levels in Washington.  But an amendment to the Constitution could take years to pass, and we don't have years to spare.

For that reason, I am encouraging members of Congress, if you are serious about a BBA, stand firm in your refusal to increase the debt limit.  In the absense of a law that overrides it, we have a de facto balanced budget law in effect RIGHT NOW!  We don't need to wait for a BBA to stop the insanity, all we need to do is leave the current debt limit in place.

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Arthur Dawson
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Please take a serious look at the website. We We are laser focused on the underlying cost issues that were there before Obama Care, are still there and will still be there when and if Obama Care is repealed. Why do we spend twice as much and more for medicines and medical devices as the rest of the world. Lobbyists. Whom spend hundreds of millions of dollars or our money bribeing both parties in Washington. New head of the Senate committee on health care received $1.2 million from the health lobby this election cycle. We have to end this. 

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