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Hank Pannell
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Hello America:

   Once again I am inspired to take pen in hand and exercise my constitutional right to express my opinion. This commentary may seem some what lengthy but I believe it is worth every word. Sometimes it is difficult for me to express myself adequately when I am writing about the left wing in our country because I know that they are nothing more than a festering, cancerous tumor that has become malignant and must be removed. The proof to my argument is very simple, You only have to visit any cancer ward and observe the patients. Once declared treminal they  undergo an array of different treatments, but will eventually by the grace of god, passes away. The socialist left wing is the cancer that is killing our country and we are the treatments that are failing to bring about the healing process. The end result is the demise of our precious country and sadly, our own death. But at least in this scenario, there will be no winner. Because with the demise of our country and our own deaths, what is to become of the disease that is striving for its own extinction?


Hank Pannell

September 9, 2010 at 7:46 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Alright Hank. 

I'm here to help the rest of us figure out what the hell you are talking about. So besides the insane hyberbole you have posted here, what is your problem with well over half of this country? The ones you call a cancerous tumor?

September 24, 2012 at 3:57 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Hank Pannell
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Posts: 47

OK Logic! I have given it some time for you To Re-Read and Consider just Exactly, What it is That I was Talking about! Could it have been The ACLU That gave America The Muslim Group C.A.I.R.? ... Very well could Be!!! ... Was it The Socialist/ Communist Movement that is Riddling Our Constitution and The BILL Of RIGHTS as they Lead Our ELECTED OFFICIALS around by the NOSE RING Inserted by the fear of being Stereo-Typed As RACISTS??? Very much a Maybe on this one!!! ... Could it be all of The SHEEPLE That was Led to The Election Poles to elect our present DICTATOR-N-Chief??? You get a big HELL YEAH on this one!!! ... There is one Golden Rule That will Help AMERICA immensely, If People would only learn to use it! But for ANY ONE Interested, It Goes Like this ... Engage BRAIN Before Putting Mouth Into GEAR!!! ITS as Effective As Abstinence  For Birth Control, It works every time its Tried!!! NOW, Please Read my PIECE Again ... With Both EYES wide open!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA ( at least what's left of it)!!!


Hank Pannell

August 27, 2013 at 9:09 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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